New Crypto Casinos

We are always looking for something new, something that can stimulate our curiosity and excite us again. In such a new market as gambling with cryptocurrencies, there are many new casinos trying to build their brand. With the recent explosion of popularity in cryptocurrencies there are more new crypto casinos than ever. In such a climate it is important to remember the foundational pillars that make an online crypto casino good and safe to use. Read More

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How to get a wallet for all your cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency wallet is the place where you store your crypto after purchasing them through either an exchange or someone else. This is also where you will withdraw your potential winnings from the casino. A wallet enables you to store your coins completely securely in one place, which is why you should make sure only you have access to it. When you’ve chosen your wallet provider you will be given a seed phrase of a private key. You should write down your keys on a piece of paper, don’t store it digitally and don’t let anyone know what your private keys are. These are used for account recovery and ca be used to gain access to your wallet at any time.

There are multiple types of wallets you can choose from. The most safe and secure on is a hardware wallet. We can recommend a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet. The thumb rule when purchasing a hardware wallet is to purchase it directly from the manufacturer, and not a middleman.

Another type of wallet is a desktop wallet. These are downloadable wallets which you store on your computer, giving you access to a wallet with tons of features such as staking your coins. Lastly there are web wallets, which you can interact with via your web browser. This is probably the easiest one to set up, but the other choices are better for security. Make sure to activate two factor authentication, as this ups your security majorly and can deter hackers from trying to enter your account.

New Crypto Casinos – Before making a deposit

Searching and finding new crypto casinos is not particularly hard, not when you have resources like us to take advantage of. We update our list and information on the regular, so you can be sure that there is no outdated information. The harder part comes when choosing between all of the different new crypto casinos, and which ones meet our standards. Let’s take a look at some of the things we consider before adding a new crypto casino to our page.

Legality and Safety

The most important thing when it comes to new crypto casinos is their legal status and how safe they are to use. To us, the biggest disgrace possible would be recommending a casino that is not safe to use. In order to prevent that, we make sure to anonymously test all of the sites thoroughly before adding them to the list. We make sure that the site has a valid gambling license, and we verify this with the license distributor. We never recommend our readers to play at a casino that does not have a proper gambling license, as it becomes very easy to get scammed and nowhere to find someone with responsibility. Additionally, without a gambling license there is no one that can control that the games being offered are actually fair (except provably fair concept).

We also make sure that every new crypto casino we list has valid security when it comes to the personal data of all their players. The industry standard is that all sensitive data is to be encrypted with at minimum SSL 128-bit encryption. The cashier is another thing we look heavily in to, and we love to see added security measures such as a two-step verification.

Bonuses and Promotions

There is no hiding that a big part of players love taking advantage of bonuses and promotions. When it comes to new crypto casinos, this might be even more important. Bonuses and promotions are often used as a means to attract players to the casino in question. Therefore, new crypto casinos usually offer great welcome packages for their first batch of players. It’s worth noting that crypto casinos, especially new crypto casinos, have much better bonuses, promotions and rewards for their players than a traditional casino. This is one of the big reasons as to why so many players choose to play on a crypto casino.

What’s extra important here is that the bonus terms and conditions are fair and that there are no hidden scummy rules attached. We here at zzzz have reviewed casinos for multiple years and thus, we have seen some, if not all, dirty tricks that a casino can pull with their bonuses. The most obvious one is a max cashout that’s ridiculously low, in some cases even lower than what you can deposit for the bonus itself. This is an outright scam, and we will not be afraid to call those operators out. Another big part of the bonus conditions is the wagering requirement. This represents how much you need to wager before requesting a deposit. Normal requirements are 30-45 times your deposit and bonus.

Accepted deposit- and withdrawal methods

Another essential factor we take into account is the accepted deposit- and withdrawal methods. It’s crucial that fast and effective payment methods are in place, and that you can withdraw your winnings easily from the casino. There should also be minimum fees, which shouldn’t be a problem when your playing in new crypto casinos.

We prefer to have a wide selection of different cryptocurrencies to both make deposits and withdrawals with. The big majority of crypto casinos accept the three main coins; Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Outside of these, some of the common coins you’ll come accross in new crypto casinos are: Doge, Stablecoins (USDC,USDT,TUSD…), ADA (Cardano) and BCH (BitcoinCash).

New BTC, ETH and LTC Casinos

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are like the three musketeers when it comes to traditional crypto. They have been around for a very long time and have grown into a solid foundation to stand on in the crypto world. This is one of the reasons why a large proportion of Crypto Casinos choose to accept these three currencies in particular. It also means that all the new gaming companies and casinos that are created are virtually guaranteed to accept these three cryptocurrencies. If you want to make sure that you have a Crypto that is valid to use, choose one of these three!

Advantages & Disadvantages to gambling with crypto

From our perspective there is no doubt that gambling with crypto is more attractive than with traditional fiat currencies. Let’s go over why we think that, and take a more detailed look into the different advantages and disadvantages to crypto gambling.


Let’s start by going over the numerous advantages to gambling with crypto.

Cryptocurrency is a global, trustless payment solution

Bitcoin, which was created back in 2008, had one main goal. To deliver a trustless, corruption and inflation resistant monetary system that would even the playing grounds for ordinary people. A payment solution without a third party overseeing and facilitating the payments.

Satoshi Nakamoto, who still remains anonymous, created Bitcoin and its network. In order to get bitcoin, one would have to mine it on their computer. Doing this provides computing power to the network. This created a fair launch, and anyone could get started all the way back in 2008. Every four years, the bitcoin emitted per block gets halved, but you can still mine it today. Mining is often referred to as the proof-of-work consensus.

Anonymity or Pseudo Anonymity

Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous, meaning that your data is hidden behind an encrypted address. While every transaction is visible to everyone on the public ledger, there is very limited data to be extracted. Your wallet address simply consists of a bunch of random letters and numbers.

If you link your address to your real-world identity (ex. through centralized exchanges), one might be able to get your real world identity through what’s called chainalysis. There are some companies specializing in chainalysis, but it takes enormous resources. In the big majority of cases a real world identity can’t be extracted, except if a centralized exchange were to be subpoenaed or give out your purchases/withdrawals. This could reveal your wallet address in conjunction with KYC protocols. Everything that happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain. This makes it way harder for criminal organizations to actually succeed in cleaning black market money, which the general public seems to think is an ease with bitcoin. A common misinterpretation by people not fully understanding the technology.


One of the best advantages to digital cryptocurrencies is the fact that they are in most cases decentralized. Decentralization means that there is no central entity that have mor power than the person next in line. In FIAT currencies, a centralized entity would be the governbent or bank. They have the power to print unlimited bills and corrupt it any way they see fit, which can’t be exposed if it comes from the source. Cryptocurrency solves this, and every user has the same power as any other user, including Satoshi Nakamoto.


We’ve now covered some of the large advantages to cryptocurrencies. With all good things comes a price, let’s go over the disadvantages to crypto gambling.

No reversals

When you have performed an action on the blockchain, such as a transaction, there is nothing you or anyone else can do to undo this action. This means that if you’ve sent the wrong person money, or if you’ve been hacked, there is basically nothing to be done. While utilizing the blockchain, every person is responsible for themselves and their funds. You cannot do a chargeback like you can with a credit card. This is also the reason as to why playing at a trustworthy and reputable new crypto casino is so important.

Price Volatility

Maybe the thing that cryptocurrencies are most known for throughout the world is ther volatility in price. While this can be a big advantage if the price increases, the same thing applies to prices going down. While cryptocurrencies have had a obvious uptrend since it’s creation, it is not uncommon to witness 80% drops in price. These dips usually don’t last long, and the majority of users are confident in the overall uptrend.

Step by step: Get started at a new crypto casino

It’s very easy to get started on a new crypto casino, despit what many think. Just take a look at these three easy steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Get some crypto!
The first thing you need to do is find an exchange or person where you can buy your coins from. There are both centralized and decentralized exchanges where you can purchase coins, as well as peer-to-peer systems.

Step 2 – Transfer to your private wallet
After you’ve acquired your crypto, you need to send it to your personal wallet. Simply send the coins to your wallet address.

Step 3: Find a site and make a deposit!
Once you’ve received the coins to your private wallet, all that is left to do is find a casino to make your deposit to. We’ve listed tons of the new crypto casinos on this site. These also have the best bonuses and welcome offers for new players. Click the link in the list, create an account (email and password only) and make your deposit! The casino will give you a wallet address to send funds to. This then automatically updates your balance on the site.

With that being said, you are now ready to get started! We wish you good luck and a geat, enjoyable gambling experience.

Frequently asked questions

Where can you find the best New Crypto Casinos?

We consistently scout the market for the best New Crypto Casinos and upload them onto our lists if they meet up to our standards. That way, by visiting this site, you'll always be updated with the freshest casinos!

Why play on New Crypto Casinos rather than old and established casinos?

New Crypto Casinos try out new and interesting things. This can be unique loyalty programs, crazy designs or simply some cool campaigns. It's important for new casinos to stand out, whereas established brands have already made it, and don't need to try new things.

Do New Crypto Casinos have good bonuses and campaigns?

Yeah they do. In order to attract customers, they offer really good bonuses. These bonuses are typically better than the bonuses from old casinos, as there would be no reason to switch otherwise. You can use this to your advantage!

What types of games and slots do these Casinos offer?

All of the typical slots and games that you're used to. There's actually no difference in the types of games you can play on Crypto Casinos compared to normal casinos. One difference would be the Crypto exclusive games, which you can only play using cryptocurrency.

Do New Crypto Casinos have fast withdrawal times?

Yeah. Typically, the withdrawals are processed instantly. After that, it's up to the speed of the blockchain network to decide how fast the money will arrive in your wallet. Typically, it takes around 10-15 minutes.

What type of Cryptocurrencies can I use?

There's tons of Cryptocurrencies you can use to deposit and withdraw from casinos today. We have Bitcoins, Dash, Dogecoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, USD Coin and many more. New are added daily on certain Crypto Casinos, which means more options to choose between!