Crypto Casino Crashino’s Jackpot prize has hit the 1 Million Dollar mark and ready to explode. 🚀

Crashino has an exclusive, periodically triggered and regularly progressing Jackpot Prize. The biggest instantly increasing Jackpot is waiting for your one lucky spin or gameplay to make you a millionaire.

Play any casino game at Crashino and you will see the LIVE Mini, Minor, Major and Mega Jackpot amounts. The total of these Jackpot amounts has passed the 1 Million Dollar mark where the Mega Jackpot is about t reach $1M on its own.

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How to win Crashino’s Jackpot Prize?

The easiest way to participate is to make a real money spin on the slots or bet on one of Crashino’s live casino games.

How is Crashino’s Jackpot formed?

The Jackpot feature contains 4 different jackpot levels called Mega, Major, Minor and Mini. Once you start playing depending on the bet amount you are placing you can take part into the different jackpot levels. For example if you play for the casino and live casino jackpot:

Mini Level – bet is equal to at least EUR 0,1

Mini and Minor Levels – bet is equal to at least EUR 0,5

Mini, Minor and Major Levels – bet is equal to at least EUR 1

Mini, Minor, Major and Mega Levels – bet is equal to at least EUR 2

The progress of all the levels and the winnings are more than transparent, visible on the website and and are available 24/7 in the Casino section.

You get a chance to win Jackpots of different levels by playing Crashino Casino slots and Live Casino games with the minimum real money bets mentioned for each level in the casino section. That’s all you need to do to get a chance of winning. Good luck!

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