How to play casino with crypto

Only a few years ago, it was relatively difficult for one to find a reliable and respectable crypto casino. That was simply because of crypto being new to the market and had a lot more risk with public controversies surrounding Bitcoin at the time. Most casinos decided to stick to their traditional banking methods and e-wallets, passing on the new digital currencies. Read More

Before you try to make a deposit with a cryptocurrency

Before we get started with depositing to a crypto casino, you need to know how to get started with crypto in general. It may seem complicated at a first glance, but it’s a really simple process.

Firstly you will need to create a wallet for your cryptocurrencies. Generally there are four different types of wallets which can be classified into hardware, desktop, mobile and online. The easiest option for beginners would be an online wallet, which you can access via your web browser. For advanced members storing a lot of value in crypto, we would recommend investing in a hardware wallet. The last step of creating your crypto wallet is to store your seed phrase somewhere safe, and not digitally. A seed-phrase is a 12-14 word combination that can be used to unlock your wallet anywhere, at any time.

Acquiring Crypto

The next step is to get some crypto! Some of the wallets out there allow their users to both buy and sell cryptocurrencies within their wallets. This usually requires KYC information.
Another option is to use exchanges where you can purchase crypto with your credit or debit card, or some kind of online banking. Obviously, this requires some personal information as well. The third option is to use a peer-to-peer marketplace, the way crypto was intended to be used. You simply buy someone else’s crypto in a way that fits both of you. Some options are Binance’s peer-to-peer marketplace, or

When you’ve received your crypto to your wallet, you are ready to explore the space of cryptocurrencies. Of course, the focus of this article is crypto casinos. However, it wouldn’t feel right not mentioning the tons of new and exciting stuff being developed for the use of cryptocurrencies. DeFi is one of those things, which stands for decentralized finance. In short, you are able to act as your own bank and earn an awesome yield on your assets.

How to make a deposit to a crypto casino

Now you are ready to make a deposit to a crypto casino. Let’s start by finding a casino that suits your needs. Whether you like large bonuses or a rewarding loyalty programme, you can find the current best crypto casino offers available to you in the list we created.  We review the casinos and rank them according to our own expert testers, so you don’t have to go through the trouble.

After deciding on a casino, navigate to their site and create an account. Accounts are often created with only an email and a password, no need for any personal information. Verify your account with the email received, and locate the cashier. Click on the Deposit tab and choose the method of payment or specify the cryptocurrency you will like to deposit with. If you want to use any bonuses, make sure you have it activated either by following our link or enabling the bonus before the next step. The casino will now give you an address where you need to send your deposit to. Simply send the desired amount from your wallet to the address provided. After at least 1 confirmation on the blockchain (click on the transaction ID to get details), your account will be funded with the deposit. Done!

How to claim bonuses and exclusive offers

We all know that one of the main reasons the crypto gambling scene has been receiving so much attention is because of the generous offerings to the players. It’s very common for gambling markets to give out huge bonuses and prizes to players in a fast growing market. While new restrictions on normal casinos are getting tougher, the new crypto gambling market is growing by the day. After all, players will always be looking to get the best possible value for their money. Let’s take a closer look at some of the bonuses being offered on crypto casinos, and how to claim them.

Crypto Cashback

One of the notorious and most sought after bonuses is the Cashback offers. Luckily, cashback has become almost a norm at crypto casinos. When you’re playing with different types of crypto, whether it be Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Doge, you can expect to get great cashback on your games. Most crypto casinos have at least 10% cashback given to all their players, some sites even stretching to as far as 15 or 20%. If you’re a regular player the cashback function is almost a must. It delivers very good value and can be used to offset any potential losses.

The cashback bonus has existed for many years in the gambling market. It has, however, become much more uncommon to find on regular casinos. If you’re lucky you can find a place where you can receive cashback on regular currencies as well, but these are often limited in some way.

To partake in the cashback bonus you won’t have to do any extra steps. Simply deposit and start playing, and your cashback will follow. You can later claim the amount in the site’s reward tab.

Top 3 Simple Crypto Casinos

Getting started with an easy to use casino that fits all your needs can be quite the hassle. If you don’t want to spend too much time researching different sites, we have listed the three easiest and simple to use crypto casinos here. They all have great welcome packages and lucrative cashback programmes, while accepting all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

The best part about playing on Crypto Casinos is that it’s super easy once you’ve gotten the hang of it. After just a deposit or two, you’ll feel way more confident with Crypto transactions. Crypto Casinos is a new trend that is just getting bigger every single day, so it’s a great skillset to have!

Crypto Deposit Bonus

The most common type of bonus is the deposit bonus. This is usually a part of what you receive in the welcome package when playing on a new site. The bonus will add a percentage on top of your deposit, giving you more balance to play around with. In most cases, that percentage ranges from 100 to 500%.

To claim a deposit bonus, you can either use a referral link with the bonus embedded (see our list), or activate it during a deposit according to the steps provided by the casino. Most of the time you simply check a box or enter a bonus-code during your deposit. However, before you use a casino bonus like this one, always make sure to acknowledge the terms and conditions for said crypto bonus. There can be rules setting a max cashout or a wager requirement. Always check this to make sure you’re OK with what the casino is offering.

How to withdraw your winnings

The last step one needs to know when gambling online with crypto is how to withdraw your potential winnings. The first step is to head towards the cashier, where you can see your balance and make deposits or withdrawals. In the withdrawal section of the cashier, you can often choose your preferred cryptocurrency to withdraw your winnings in. The most common ones are of course Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. However, if you prefer other coins like ADA, LINK or stablecoins, you can check out our casino list where we specify what types of withdrawals you can request.

After you’ve chosen what type of currency you would like to withdraw, all you have to do is paste your wallet address (make sure it supports the chosen currency!) and request the withdrawal. Always double check your details, making sure the address is connected to your wallet. There is a lot of clipboard malware that instantly switches out a pasted address to someone else’s. These are more common than people think, and if you accidentally request the withdrawal to an unknown wallet, nothing can be done to retrieve your funds.

When the request have been submitted you are all done. The casino will process and approve the withdrawal, and you should receive the funds within a few minutes. What’s usually so great about playing on an online cryptocurrency casino is that you won’t have to pay for any transaction fees on your withdrawals.

Slot Machines

Slots are probably the biggest section in all of online gambling. With thousands of unique games to choose from, the entertainment possibilities are endless. Every year we see new and exciting games being developed, stretching the scope of what a slot machine really is. The digital advancements we make every year will help develop some truly never-before-seen slot machines, and we are very excited for what the future holds.
Let’s go over some of the current trending game providers that you are sure to encounter in your crypto gambling journey.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has been getting all of the fuzz as of recently. This year alone the provider has released numerous hits amongst the community. Games like Gates of Olympus, Juicy Fruits, Buffalo King Megaways and so many more are amongst the top played slot machines among players. What’s great about Pragmatic Play is that you can find the provider in the big majority of places, ensuring no matter what casino you play on, you will have access to your favourite games.

Play n’ Go

Play n Go is another greatly popular game provider. They are the creators of some real classics like Book of Dead or Reactoonz. During 2020 alone, Play n Go released over 52 games. That’s one game every single week. The spree continued in 2021, having released 32 games already. Among these, some have become real hits with the players. Green Knight, 3 Clown Monty and Legacy of the Dead are examples of some of the most popular games released in 2021.

No-deposit Bonus

A No-deposit bonus is a common occurrence for new casinos to offer. They simply want to drive traffic to their casino and show off their site, having people register to take part of the free bonus. It’s a way for the public to try out the casino and give appropriate feedback.
With No-deposit bonuses, we encourage you to even more carefully read through the rules attached to the offer. The rules will specify the wagering requirements that you must comply with. Below, we take a look at some of the standard No-deposit bonus rules.

Wagering Requirements
This is the amount you need to wager to be able to request a withdrawal of your funds.

Maximum Limit
This is the max limit for withdrawals. Considering the bonus is completely free for the player, most casinos limit the amount of possible winnings.

ID Proof
Online casinos, especially new ones, can try every trick in the book to not give you your money. If you don’t have ID Verification at the ready, there is a chance you won’t be able to get your free winnings.

Account Ban
If a player violates the terms and conditions of the offer, the casino has a right to ban your account. Make sure to read and stick within the guidelines when using a bonus.

Live Casino Games on a Crypto casino

What would an online casino be if it didn’t have a section for live games!?
The Live Casino is another major part of the foundation to an online casino. Live Games gives the player tons of entertaining games to choose from, while offering a gambling experience much like the one in a real casino. You are able to play all the classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps and many more with a live dealer on a real table.

The most common Live Casino providers are Pragmatic Play and Evolution. Both these providers offer top of the line streaming studios with an amazing game offering. Some of the most recent trending games include the new line-up of game shows from Evolution. The wheel-based games like Crazy Time, Monopoly Big Wins or Dreamcatcher have all blown up amongst players all over the world. With entertaining bonus functions, captivating graphics and interactive dealers comes a great live casino experience.


In conclusion, playing on a online casino with crypto is easy. All you need to get started is a crypto wallet and some funds to deposit. You get access to the same games as you would on a normal casino, with the addition of provably fair games. What’s more is that you get tons of great bonuses while your loyalty gets rewarded generously. If you’re a regular player, crypto casinos are definitely something you should check out. We would even argue that first time players should consider playing on a casino with crypto, considering the higher safety and privacy. If you don’t like someone meddling with your account, financial information, or simply want to remain anonymous, cryptocurrencies provide the best solution for you.

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